4CARS compressor 12V, 150 PSI, 11 BARS



Air Compressor (please read the manual before using the air pump) Instructions for use: 1. Put the cigarette plug if air pump into DC12V socket in car. 2. Then screw the air nozzle on valve of tyre tightly, otherwise the air can not be put into tyre. 3. Open start-up switch which makes inflation is available. 4. When inflating the tyre, please pay attention to the pointer in gauge which can rise up along the degree of air pressure increase in tyre, normally, two or three minutes are enough to make tyre reach rated air pressure 206Kpa,(0.206Mpa), the time of inflation for a small truck may be a little longer. 5. While reaching rated air pressure, close down the switch, take off nozzles and plug, the inflation is complete. Attention! 1. The product can be only used on DC12V/12A electrical source, can not be used on family electrical source such as DC24V, DC36V, AC110V and AC220V. 2. While inflating, please pay attention to pointer in pressure gauge and inflation time all the time, normally, car tyre’ air pressure are 193-241Kpa (0.193-0.24Mpa), do not over-inflate the tyre. 3. Please start the engine while inflating, thereby, increase of electrical power of air pump is available and there is no threat of damage to car batteries. 4. Applicable to emergent employment of car, the rest of air pump is necessary if employed on long time, if cooling down, employment of the product can start again. 5. On the beginning of inflation, please pay attention to the pointer in gauge, if the pointer rises up fast, it must be due to valve in car choke or not proper attafitting of the nozzle on valve, please close the electrical power Immediately, take the nozzle off. Inflation can start after the nozzle fitting is finished. 6. If the air pump can not operate normally, please check the fuse in plug. 7. Protect the product from moisture and heavy-impacts. 8.Keep away the children from the product to prevent its damage.
Width 18.5 cm
Height 19 cm
Depth 21.5 cm
Weight 1.82 kg


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