4CARS Hólánc KN110 TÜV,GS



Snow chains KN 110, optimal security on ice and snow, high quality material with strong construction and low weight. Easy assembling. Snow chains are used for cars and small utility vehicles. Size of chain's links: width - 23mm, height - 12mm; thickness of link: 3mm. Package comprises one pair of chains. Certificate: TÜV/GS. Simple and easy assembling - 5 minutes. Drive with chains without vibrations. Packaged in practical textile bag. Chains might be used in cases of emergency on ice and snow. Try not to accelerate or slow down sharply during drive with snow chains. Do not forget to check and tighten snow chains after 100 meters. Speed limit with snow chains - 50 km/h.
15’’ 225/65-15 235/60-15 16’’ 215/60-16 225/55-16 235/55-16 245/50-16 17’’ 235/45-17 235/50-17 18’’ 235/40-18 235/45-18 19' 225/40-19 220/65-390 235/40-475
szélesség 30 cm
magasság 7 cm
mélység 30 cm
súly 4.7 kg

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