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4CARS car body moulding 9mm x 3mm x 8m

Car moulding strips, 9mm x 3mm x 8m, universal, chrome

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Car moulding strips in size: 9mm x 3mm x 8m, chrome design. Instructions: 1. Thoroughly clean the surface before installation and remove any remaining wax or oil. 2. Adjust length of the strip as needed and draw a line on the car body. Keep in mind before adjusting the length that the moulding strip cannot prevent door from beeing opened (it is necessary to leave 1 cm distance or carve out angle at the beginning of moulding). 4. Remove plastic film and glue the moulding strip across the drawn line, try not to soil rubber and do not touch it with your fingers. 5. Press evenly on the moulding strip until it is fixed. 6. Temperature should be above 18° C. If less, heat the rubber with hot air to reach a thorough grip. 7. Do not wash the car in a car wash for 24 hours after installation.

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